An emotional time

  My friend Esmeralda contacted me with this instrumental with a hook that she wrote and sang, and i wrote this in one night and proceeded to record it.  This song will make you appreciate that love you have with someone, or miss a love you simply lost.  Either way, your going to be in your feelings when you listen to this.  I need some feedback on this and I hope you guys like it.  

Music and me 

As an artist i refuse to place myself in a specific category of music.  Yes I write and record Hiphop music, but i’ve also written some pop stuff, Hiphop is my specialty.  I believe Hiphop is a platform to voice your opinion or distain for something in your life.  Story telling use to be the way hiphop was told, now theres such a bad outlook on the hiphop scene, people start looking at you like your going to start trouble because you say you write or record or listen to hiphop music.  I was content with putting out anything and hoped it stuck for a while, but with in the last year I am moving in to my zone with being a lyricist.  I Started to get discouraged because it seemed people responded to the typical rap lyrics and once I tried getting lyrical my view count started to suffer.  I had someone in my corner recently assure me that people who get music will rock with what I’m putting out, so now I am just doing what I do, and if I gain a fan I’m great full for that, and if people don’t get my music, I wish I knew what turned you off to it.  I’m an artist and I’m blind but I’m not a blind artist, I’m the peoples artist.  Everything I write about I’ve been through at some point. Its sometimes shocking to people who listen to my music, but I live in the hood of Philadelphia.  If you knew where you’d understand.  My goal as an artist is to be the best I can be, for my fans and myself.  

That being said, can you give this a listen, I’m on the first verse and would like some feedback and a share if you like it.

After 100 views I’m putting out a new track.  If your sharing it on twitter you can mention me @blindsideAo 

Broken piece 

I have a lot of nights where i want to get drunk as fuck and pop a box of night quillTake a blade to my wrist, and let the blood drip

Find a reason to live,and not kill

Myself in the process.

I slit my veins, and hang my pride 

Take a drink and end my life 

I stain the blade of the knife

Inside I hope that tonights my night.

I lay in my bed

Away from prying eyes

Away from the questions 

Far from the lies.

I allow you in

I let you close

I never braced, for the things that could hurt 

Thats my fault, I suppose.

You say, I’m a king

I feel less then nothing, worse then the lowliest peasant,

You don’t mean to make me feel like this, and i’m sure you don’t know

These feelings I feel, are just another thick coat in the image of me.

Peeling back the scars

Scars cover your heart Proof of the cuts others have made,

You want to believe this is real 

But you always wonder if I’m carrying another blade.  

So you hide yourself from your own heart 

Seeing that you or I could never reach it, 

But I kept at it, giving you your own time 

Never able to leave you or it.

Alone, like you once thought you were 

Until I started to show you that you would never be again

Because I have felt the stinging hurt 

And I know what it is like to be in pain.